Q: Where can I find housing for a family member who is living with a mental illness? There are a few group homes in Tarrant County that provide a semi-monitored environment.  If they are in need of more assistance than a group home, there are assisted living residences that provide people who help with daily activities and to dispense medications at the correct times. For the group homes, contact the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS).  They approve group homes for operation. For assisted living, you will need insurance coverage and an income source to cover the stay in such a facility. Simply google, “Assisted living in Tarrant County.”

Q: How do I provide medication to a family member who is detained in the Tarrant County Jail? You can call the jail and tell them that you believe your loved one is incarcerated and you want to inform them that the person takes medication for a mental illness. You can not, under any circumstances, ask for information about your loved one but you can provide them with any information you are willing to share.

Q: Can you recommend a lawyer to me? Call the Tarrant County Bar Association and ask for a lawyer that handles disability cases or legal issues with a mental health component.

Q: Can you recommend a hospital or doctor to me? If your loved one is covered by insurance, I recommend calling the insurance company and finding out which facilities are covered. If your loved one does not have insurance coverage, there are only two options in Tarrant County for assistance: JPS Health Hospital or MHMR of Tarrant County. For JPS Hospital, if you have not been treated there before, you must go to the psychiatric emergency room located on the 10th floor. For MHMR, call 817-335-3022. 

Q: A family member has recently been diagnosed with a mental illness but I do not quite understand what it means. Can you help me? You are welcome to attend our Family to Family class. This class is an 8-week program that provides resources about how to talk to your loved one without upsetting them. To register for our fall session, please email

Q: Are there any local long-term facilities? Yes, most psychiatric hospitals have an area reserved for people who need care for longer than a couple of days. As a last resort, there are several state hospitals where individuals are being care for,  for months at a time, while medications are being regulated.

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